5 digital marketing trends to watch out for

Lets be clear, most Digital Marketing companies are not equal: Here is a summary of what is trending and how it can be beneficial to your online business.

  1. Group Messaging

Group messaging has been growing drastically in the past year and as a location -based service. There are two clear front runners right now. Beluga and GroupMe, both of which offer the end user a way to communicate in a more personalized groups selected by interest, age and location. Question is, how does this tie into current marketing strategies?

Very much like location-based marketing campaigns in 2010, marketers will be anxious to find ways to integrate and message purchased points into groups. As Beluga co-founder Lucy Zhang explained on a SXSWi panel this past weekend, the primary use case for group messaging this s has been to organize ski trips. Just imagine the marketability of those groups looking for ski gear, lodging and restaurants.

  1. QR Codes

So, QR codes are not really new, but are important. Businesses have been generating QR codes for marketing purposes for many years now. However,   I simply do not understand the success of QR codes.

The technology is rather trivial and has been around for more than a decade. This is strange due to the fact that QR just recently penetrated the market in recent years. However, in most stores you see no one scanning these in and using the technology most of the time. If you are having a hard time finding a marketing company; Mimvi SEO Long Island SEO helps increase customer awareness on branding and increased your visibility online. Internet marketing, conversion optimization and search engine marketing are best left to professionals. Check out their services here, http://www.mimvi.com/services/

3. Easy accessibility to personal data

Data will become more accessible in the future Marketers will be able to obtain the details of their customers much easier by going through social analytics. Customers are typically reluctant to share certain data regarding their private and social media. However if they choose to do so, this make things easier for marketers. Accessibility of the data also makes it easier for the business representatives to get in touch with the consumers directly.