5 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2015

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We all know digital marketing is huge for today’s business and knowing what trends to look out for are very helpful most business owners. Digital Marketing and marketing in general for an online company starts with knowing your market.

Every year we see trends, so here a list of 2015’s current digital marketing trends to look at for.

 1. Mobile

Back in 2012, marketing firm BIA/Kesley predicted that mobile searches would outpace the desktop by the year 2015. Right now some claim that this has happened already and took place the last year. Any way you look at it, the global transition from desktop to mobile is bound to happen. With the vast majority of people using mobile devices and saying they would more likely purchase from a mobile friendly device then a desktop, you cannot afford to delay on adding mobile marketing to your current strategy. Most companies out there such as Mimvi SEO a Long Island SEO and Marketing comany helps your business be found through local search results online. Check out there other services here: http://www.mimvi.com/services/

Omnichannel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multichannel_retailing

Retailers have been more swift to move to the all-connected “omnichannel”, an integrated multiple channel approach to marketing, customer support and other business practices. More and more, customers in 2015 are becoming more savvy than just a few years ago. With that said, users are having strengthened search capabilities (desktop and mobile), social media and review site experience, and an informed approach to buying, you have to meet your customers using an omnichannel approach.

  1. Marking Platform Evolution of times:

The digital marketing area has increased drastically with new and evolving marketing platforms, dashboards and tools that help with customer profile development, traffic data analysis, building digital assets (e.g. websites, landing pages, pay-per-click ads) and, in a broad way, managing the customer experience

Around the year of 2015, many are expecting it to be where vendors such as Adobe and Orcal and hundreds of others will improve on these factors:

  • Mobile integration
  • Digital ad programmatic buying
  • Social media campaigns
  • Multi-device analytics
  • Much more


  1. Customer Attribution

With the overarching goal in digital marketing is “connecting” with the consumer, you’ll need to understand your customer’s journey to a purchase.

Many users are looking for great digital marketing and SEO companies. Being good at that takes solid customer attribution practices. For instance, in 2015, you must have the ability to track how they found your brand online. Did they search using a mobile phone? Question is, what source consumers use to find this information online?

  1. Geolocation Marketing

Mobile tech is advancing at a rapid rate at the current trend. With hat said, there are some talks about the internet of things, that is the future of the internet. The rise of indoor position systems such as Apples Ibeacon for example, enables marketers in retail location to refine their message targeting and encourage more in-store sales.

Marketing through geolocation technology has been gaining momentum for the past two to three years. This year, we’re likely to see more companies mesh together the digital and in-store experience through the use of geolocation marketing.